< a href=" http://www.flickr.com/photos/24030756@N05/2523467336" > regenerated gemini by2
made in colaboration with he marli (work in progress).
he marli’s art was the initial inspiration for the gemini serie’s. there are component’s with in her work that i am drawn to and desired to check out.
my wish became a reality in method’s i never ever pictured
By artyfishal44 on 2008-05-26 00:12:11
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47 thoughts on “regenerated gemini by2”

  1. new and improved and ready to vanquish negativity wherever it lurks. This is a portrait of positivity; in all of its irrational exuberance and brilliance.

    I agree, your work is Max Fudge!

    A Maximum Impact!!
    Max Fudge Excellence!

  2. softness is the feeling here..very interesting to see you work with he-marli’s image..as if you take us on a trip with you..

  3. This is FABULOUS !!! I just love the colours – Geminis’ colours, very bright !!

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  4. honey comb structre lovely -a gem within heaps of prismatic corridors you made it more painterly love it peace joy contemplation exploring openness marli thank you

  5. New Art, Surrealism, Fantasy, Pop Art
    Sculpture, Abstract, Painting, Kaleidoscope
    Graphic Design, Architecture, Special Effects
    Visual Art, Mosaic, Photoshop Art, Deviant Art
    This is so "Out of this World!"

    Out of this World

  6. very rich imagery. I see animals and i think a wolf’s face in the middle.

    Your artwork was admired in the
    Where the sky IS NOT the limit.

  7. A beautiful creation! I love the layer upon layer of color and texture.

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